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T293 World Championships Circolo Surf Torbole Lake Garda `Registration of Interest`

Circolo Surf Torbole

23rd - 30th October 2021

This is a show of interest only for support at the T293 World Championships in Garda.

23-30 October 2021, please also note there might be an opportunity for pre event training for 2 days before hand followed by a rest day before the event starts on the Saturday.

If you are unsure as to whether this event is for you, please speak to your regional coach before you show your interest.

This page will be open for a long time, and promoted again further down the line, so if you are unsure please know that there will be plenty of time to come back to it. 


Entries close at 00:00:00 on 01/08/2021. Current entries = 11.


Circolo Surf Torbole

Via della Lova, 1